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George Weasley is the tamer of the two, but that doesn’t say much. When riled up enough, he can make a backlash of Fred’s look like a tea party by comparison, because truthfully, he’s got the delicate sensibilities of a rabid freight train on the rampage. He’s simply a little better at timing it, and that side of him only rears its ugly head when absolutely necessary. 

The twins are of equal authority here, as together they have such a level of power. One without the other is wrong, and Fred doesn’t ‘overshadow’ George in any way. They both have their own strengths, despite being twins, and they both make do in their own way. Fred with his blatant viciousness, George with an air of quiet ‘mystery,’ if you want to put it that way. That being said, he can be very manipulative at times, and he likes to prove he has some amount of control. He’s just more elusive in how he does it, and most can’t tell until it’s too late to try and get the upper hand themselves. Consider it like a mouse trap.

The twins are not copies of each other. They compliment each other. There is a huge difference.

Fred does most of the talking, but George knows just as much, and has a sense of caution when walking the streets. He’s extremely observant, and may fall silent while watching for patterns or quirks in whomever they’re dealing with. He prides himself on reading body language and expressions, and he knows there’s a story to be told in the way their clothes wrinkled and folded, the weight of the bags under their eyes, what they asked for when they managed to stammer out an order. If they stammered, or if they held their head high, looked him in the eye and made themselves his equal. He could tell just how long they’ve been screwed up enough to need his services, how badly they needed it, if they needed it at all, or just wanted it. If it was fun for them, or if it was all they had.

Whether it be on a job making a sale, or simply going from one place to the next, he’s got a keen ear and eye for abnormality and won’t hesitate to defend himself and what he has. He’s more sensitive to other people than Fred is, and it’s a weakness where he’s concerned, but in times of real need it can be a strength.

Nothing is more important to him than his brother, and if anything threatens the way they live, how they work, and how they survive… He carries a stiletto switchblade for a reason. 

He doesn’t have a ‘girlfriend,’ nor does he have any desire for one, and even one night stands are rare. He doesn’t have the time to make commitments or even really bother with women in general. They slow you down, and he needs to stay on his game. Wrangling Fred can be a job sometimes on top of the one he already has, as his brother can get reckless, (Bare Knuckle Boxing matches when he’s looking for something more to prove himself, to test himself, etc.) and while he never strays from his work or the cause in general, George has reason to worry a little. But, George is the only person who can say “Fred, that’s enough,” and reign successful. 

The twins work primarily behind the scenes with Mundungus Fletcher, and while the smarmy little blighter may be deluded into thinking he’s got authority over them because he supplies most of the bigger loads of dope, the truth is that Fred and George run their side. They won’t work alone, but all they really need is each other.